Providing peace of mind

when traveling


Why Doctor in Your Pocket

Yes, You’re Covered!

  • Medical insurance only covers the cost, it doesn’t help you find a doctor
  • You choose -- local doctor, house call or a virtual appointment
  • You’re always seen by a doctor who speaks your language

Always the Best Doctors

  • Review up-to-date, detailed information
  • Rate doctors and see others’ ratings
  • Know before you go

Always at Your Service

  • Access system from your phone or computer
  • You can track appointment(s) in your calendar
  • You can always talk to us to get the best advice

How it works

Buy a Membership

Buy a membership to access Doctor in Your Pocket for the length of your trip. Don't worry, you can always extend your membership.

Find Your Physician

Find the general practitioner, specialist or dentist that is right for you. How? Simply enter your desired specialty, location and language.

Book your appointment

Enter your information and book your appointment - even visits to your hotel, home, or work - directly on your doctor's calendar.

Get Well Soon!

Receive a text message and/or email confirmation of your appointment time, including directions to your doctor's office (if applicable), and you're on your way back to health.

Our Pledge

Access Qualified, Trusted Doctors

  • US- and EU-board-certified
  • Specialize in travel-related illnesses
  • Speak over 45 languages

24/7 Access to Doctors Anywhere in the World

  • Visit them in their office
  • Have them visit you in your home, hotel, or office
  • Schedule a live video chat with them online


  • Eliminate the paperwork
  • Eliminate insurance claims
  • Eliminate hassle

Everywhere You Travel

...and more